Infection Control in School

Please click here to read guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings as advised by HSC Public Health Agency.


Guidance on Infection Control in Schools Poster

Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities

A practical guide from for staff on managing cases of infectious diseases in schools and other childcare settings.

This guidance provides advice on:

  • preventing the spread of infections
  • which diseases to vaccinate for
  • how long to keep children away from school
  • managing infectious diseases
  • cleaning the environment

Chapters 1 and 2: introduction and infections in childcare settings

Chapter 3: prevention and control

Chapter 4: what to do if you suspect an outbreak of infection

Chapter 5: immunisation

Chapter 6: cleaning the environment

Chapter 7: staff health

Chapter 8: pets and animal contact

Chapter 9: managing specific infectious diseases


Exclusion table

Appendix 3. Diarrhoea and vomiting outbreak – schools, nurseries and other childcare settings action checklist