Junior Ambassadors

Every September we recruit Junior Ambassadors for the academic year.  The children apply by filling in application forms.

Head Ambassadors

In July, we hold an election to vote for our new Head Ambassadors for the next Academic Year.  All candidates have to, with support from their peers, design a logo and campaign manifesto and deliver an election speech in a whole school assembly.  The whole school, including staff, cast their votes.

Our Head Ambassadors Freya and Freddie

House Captains

The School has four houses all named after streets in Beccles:  Blyburgate (Blue), Saltgate (Yellow), Hungate (Green) and Northgate (Red).

Our House Captains are elected each year in the same way as our Head Ambassadors.

House Captains Laila (Hungate), Cody (Northgate), Zara (Saltgate) and Malia (Blyburgate)

School Parliament

Led by our Head Ambassadors, our School Parliament meets regularly to discuss issues and ideas suggested by the children at Beccles Primary Academy.

Junior Road Safety Ambassadors

Our Junior Road Safety Ambassadors promote Road Safety throughout the school.  They work hard throughout the year, organising various activities to make our School and surrounding areas safe.

Play Ambassadors

Other Ambassador roles in the School include Library Ambassadors, Admin Ambassadors and Learning Ambassadors.